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Everyone has opportunities and different doors that are opened to them in different ways.

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It’s been awhile since we last saw Jennifer Lopez frolicking in a pool with her kids – her last swimming partner was her on-again off-again boyfriend Casper Smart, who appears to be out of the picture for good, now.Alex Rodriguez brought his own two daughters Natasha and Ella for a swim and they seem to get along with Jennifer’s twins Max and Emme. Jennifer is currently appearing at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.From having openly gay powerhouse artists like Sam Smith and Adam Lambert on their covers, to allies like Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, OUT always brings you the latest in pop stars.If you want to find out what new shows are out or what show or movie has the best LGBT characters then OUT is the place for you.OUT is the leading site for anything gay entertainment.

Whether it is finding out the latest celebrity pop news or the hottest new movie currently out, OUT is your go-to site.It's unclear who she is voting for, though she shares a close connection to the Trump family.Her longtime boyfriend Josh Kushner is the younger brother of Ivanka Trump's husband Jared Former model Brooklyn Decker revealed in her Instagram post that this was the first time she had ever cast a vote in a presidential election.I think that’s one reason that the show’s so successful.As far as the stories are concerned, I think we live in a time when people are hungry for 5.Kelly Ripa hit the polls in New York City Tuesday morning with her oldest son Michael. ' she captioned this photo Kelly Ripa was one of the first celebrities at the polls, casting her ballot before work early Tuesday.